The Best Movie Date Ever

On Memorial Day, the Rev and I decided to visit the big city and take in a movie. We discussed it the night before and came up with a decision that led the Rev to proclaim it was "the best movie date ever." I wanted to see Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and the Rev wanted to see Terminator: Salvation. So you know what, that is what we did--he got his action flick and I got my chick flick.

That never would have happened early in our relationship, I thought we had to do everything together and that I should like everything that he liked. And there you have it, the key to a successful, lasting relationionship--just let each other be who you are and do the things that you each enjoy. You'll have plenty of common interests, but you won't be smothering each other. And neither one of us sat through a movie that we didn't choose and we weren't worried that either of us was sitting in a movie that we didn't like.

But let's face it girls, the Rev, Matthew McConaughey AND Christian Bale? I was coming out a winner any way you sliced it!

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