I {Heart} New Kitchen Tools!

Given my love of cooking and baking, it should come as no surprise that I love new kitchen gadgets. So when it came time to pass out a birthday list, I knew just what I wanted and exactly who I was going to ask to get it for me. Since my brother, BestBuys is a great cook and his wife, Kiki has really expensive impeccable taste, I knew that if I got my list in their hands, I would be taken care of! Here was my wish list:
  • A good cookie sheet - I have been buying cheap cookie sheets for as long as I can remember, never wanting to spend the money on a really good one (never mind that I have probably paid for 2 or 3 good ones with the money that I have spent on cheap ones!).
  • A good, heavy duty spatula - I was pretty sure that I would get this one since BestBuys was on the receiving end of a broken off rubber tip in an Eclair Cake last year.
  • A decent whisk - again fairly certain that I would get this since BestBuys had to use my pathetic came-in-a-bulk-set-of-kitchen-tools whisk at Christmas.
  • A spring loaded cookie scoop
Well, when I walked into my birthday dinner and saw the bag from Sur La Table, I 'bout broke out in a happy dance! Why, you ask? Because Sur La Table is French for "somebody spent way more on your new kitchen tools than you would have and that means they might last longer than a few months!"

I got everything that I asked for, including not 1, but 2 cookie sheets that are deep enough to use for jelly rolls--watch out I found a wicked looking recipe for a Strawberry Mallow Mousse Roll in a magazine that I almost didn't save because I didn't have any jelly roll pans. But now I do!

All of my new utensils were broken in when I made bake sale goodies this past weekend and I think that maybe my first interpretation of Sur La Table was a bit off--maybe it is really French for "watch out Giada, Rachael, and Barefoot Contessa, Stacie is equipped to bake circles around all ya'll now!"

Thanks, BestBuys and Kiki!

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