I {Heart} Diet Pepsi!

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP...what's that noise you ask? That's the sweet sound of the Diet Pepsi truck backing up to our house to make a delivery. OK, not really, but they should be. If you don't know (it can only be because you weren't forced to suffer through the mood swings with me), I gave up soda for Lent. Quite possibly the longest 46 days of my life....I was more excited on Easter morning about having my first soda in 1,104 hours than I ever was about some basket from the "Easter Bunny!" This was the first time that I have given something up for Lent, and it was a good lesson, but boy, was it hard. I did my best to focus on the reason for my paltry sacrifice whenever I found myself really "needing" a soda and for the most part it worked. They say it takes 40 days to make or break a habit, for me maybe longer, but I'll definitely do it again...just not with my bubbles!
Well, I am off to guzzle, swig, savor, and waller in some sweet Diet Pepsi bubbly goodness! 66,240 minutes without soda...whew...what a ride!
P.S. I say soda, but Lil' Miss Wilkes says pop. What do you call it?

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