Tipsy Tuesday (#9)

Tooth·pick (tūth'pĭk') (n.) - A small piece of wood or other material for removing food particles from between the teeth.

Ok, so we all know what a toothpick is supposed to be used for, but what about these uses?

Tip #9

Pick up a .99 box of toothpicks and keep them on hand to use for these common household scenarios:

Temporarily save your eyeglasses - Lose an eyeglass screw? Slide a piece of toothpick into the screw hole and add tape to hold them together until you can get them fixed.

Decorate a cake - Lightly sketch letters and flowers into cake frosting with a toothpick before you pick up that piping bag--no need to make mistakes!

Prevent shredded tape - Stick a toothpick to the cut end of packing tape so that you can find it the next time that you need it.

Fill in small scratches - Use a toothpick to fill any scratches that you need to fill with paint, putty, or varnish--perfect small tool for the job!

Plug a garden hose leak - Break off a third of a toothpick and slide it into the hole until the edge is flush with the hose. Wrap waterproof tape around the hose to secure. This patch job should get you through the season!

Hope you "picked up" some useful tips today--I know, I know, corny joke right?

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