Tipsy Tuesday (#5)

So what happens when a self professed neat freak marries a somewhat less organized (Sorry, Rev!) mate? Well, the neat freak will hear this phrase VERY frequently--"I don't remember putting "fill in the blank with whatever is missing" there." That is code for "Quit moving my stuff and putting it in its logical place!" So, today's tip is for all of you Odd Couples out there...

Tip #5

Choose a spot to place all of your essentials for the next day...and be consistent!

Now, I love Hide-n-Seek, Scavenger Hunts, and a good ole' game of Hot-n-Cold as much as the next gal, but you will just start your day off on the wrong foot if every day begins with one of these little games as a necessary evil in order to locate your keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. Don't put these essentials in a different spot each night after work. Choose a spot and make it a habit!

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