Cubicle Cuties

So, if you are reading this from the comfort of your home office or nice, plush corner office, with a great view of the outdoors---WHATEVER!

Some of us have to content ourselves with a cubicle, but that doesn't mean that we can't cutesy up our space--after all some days we spend more time there than we do at home!

We have our own "Seasonal" box around here that we use to add wreaths and other decorative items to our doors (Lil' Miss Wilkes, Marathon Mama (you haven't met her yet), and I have 3 cubicles in 1 office and Mother Hen has a small office across the hall). But our cubicle walls are pretty bare and until now, not really representative of our personalities.

That's nothing a few wooden letters, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge can't fix! We're all gussied up for spring with our very own monogrammed initials hanging on our cubicle walls. What do ya think?

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