Happy Birthday, Granny!

So, today is my Mom's birthday and those of you who know her, may be wondering when she became a Granny. Well, neither my brother, BestBuys, or I have children yet, but we do have dogs and Mom treats them just like children (OK, we all treat them like our children..), so the dogs call her Granny. Perhaps, they call her Granny because her children know that it annoys her...yes, she would prefer another name but we started with Granny and it has just stuck...Sorry, Mom.

(Photo: L to R - Mom, MeeMaw, and Aunt B; Scarlett, Mom, and Phoebe)

, we are pretty lucky to have a Mom who has been there for us through thick and thin, put up with our embarrassing jokes and antics in public (no specifics, but as children we did our best to embarrass her pretty regularly on the feminine hygiene aisle of the local grocery store), played the role of both mother and father, provided for our needs, embraced our spouses as her own children, and who has always done her very best to make sure that we know we are loved.

(Photo: Top to Bottom - Me, Rev, Mom, BestBuys, And Kiki; Mom, BestBuys and I)

Guess what, Mom? We know and we love yo
u, too--VERY MUCH! Enjoy your day!

(Rev, Best Buys, Kiki, Phoebe, and Scarlett, too!)

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