Heaven..I'm in Heaven...

The utility room off of our carport was disgusting--I mean REALLY disgusting. Christmas decorations, wreaths, lawn and garden stuff, car stuff, all just in there all willy nilly. The Rev decided that today we would put together a new shelf and clean up a bit. So we worked to pull everything out of the room, clean, sort out stuff to throw away and just organize things so that we can better access them. We had just completed the assembly of the shelf, when the Rev uttered the most heavenly words--and no, he wasn't trying out this week's sermon on me--he said "I never knew organizing could be so much fun!"

Five years into our marriage and he still surprises me! If you know the Rev, you know that a statement like that is a little out of character, so to say that I was happy to hear it would be an understatement. Not only did we get that project accomplished, but he is hard at work putting up some racks so that I can hang up all of my wreaths and mailbox covers. Ain't he sweet?

What about you? Doing any spring cleaning?

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