Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I am sure that all too soon, we will be begging for rain in order to avoid another dry summer, but all of this cold rain over the last 3 days, sure does make one feel blah.

We've been trying to stay warm and dry this weekend, so we have been indoors alot. I got all of our meals cooked ahead for dinner this week, with some help from the Rev on grill duty. Gotta love the grill and the crock pot...and knowing that I only have to come home and throw together a few sides each night this week. That will be a relief to the schedule and the wallet...

Been working on a few craft projects as well, which I am sure I will share with you all later.

What about you? What do you do when you are stuck indoors?

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Dan Prouty said...

What do I do?

I work on school work, because there is not anything else to do as an education major!

Your writings are fun to read, keep it up!