J.Leo is the BIG 4-0!

No, there is no mispelling there (Hello, human spell checker here?), I mean J.Leo, as in my good friend in the big city, not J.Lo, like the singer with the big booty.

If you don't know, J.Leo was my boss at my last job in the big city, but more importantly he is a truly great friend and today he is turning 40!! Now, based on my knowledge of all things related to J.Leo, I am providing a list of ways that he may be likely to celebrate.

1. Play with his dolls..er..action figures.

2. Watch old game footage of my Gamecocks puttin' a whoopin' on his Razorbacks. I'd say watch footage of the Razorbacks beating us but I don't think they had video cameras then...

3. Get lunch at Sam's Club, followed by a milkshake at Bruester's. Later in the afternoon, he'll have a snack of candy..most likely Gobstoppers, maybe some chocolate, but I have no idea what he does with the Special Dark bars out of the Hersheys Miniatures bag, now that I am gone...

4. Strategize a way to beat BeautyandtheBeasts (that's me) in Fantasy Football this year...

5. Create an Excel spreadsheet to track all gifts received, thank you notes written, etc. (Seriously, folks, I have never known anyone else who could find so many uses for spreadsheets--I still laugh and think that I must be making him proud whenever I suggest using a spreadsheet at my new job!)

All kidding aside, J.Leo will probably spend today with his wife and their boys, 'cause that is the kind of guy that he is--good husband and father, good boss, good friend!

Happy Birthday, J.Leo! Enjoy your stinkeroo-free day!

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