A Super Hero Party for Our Super E

I think it is her intense love for her Daddy and his intense love for super heroes, that draws Elise to them. She had been asking for a Super Hero Party ever since we finished celebrating with her pumpkin party last year. I loved the idea and scoured for ways to make it a girly Super Hero party.

She indulged me with a photo shoot and that helped me create invitations to set the tone of the party.

Next, came decorations, I was able to locate a lot of pre-made stuff in our aqua, pink, and yellow color palette. These balloons from Birthday Express were a favorite of mine, but I was probably most excited about the skyscraper cupcake stand!

Our earlier party time (that is what was available at the YMCA) and a desire to keep it simple meant we just served a variety of Super Hero inspired snacks - Avengers Granola Bars and Cheez-Its, Super Hero Yogurt, Cake Batter Dip with Cookies, and Batman and Captain America inspired fruit trays.

Our Super Hero guests (everyone was so great to wear their favorite hero costume) ran wild in the gym, pulled open a piƱata, and enjoyed a balloon avalanche. And of course, we had to send them home with bat signal flashlights (just Dollar Tree flashlights with a vinyl bat sticker placed to project a bat signal on the wall)!

Elise had an absolute blast and has requested another Super Hero Party for next year...but ssshhhh, the Rev and I are planning a huge surprise trip for next year's birthday celebration, so no party needed!

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Jill said...

What an AWESOME idea!!! It makes ME want a superhero birthday party, and I'm not even that "in" to superhero stuff! haha! Looks like everyone had a blast, and as usual, your attention to detail is incredible. Well done!!