The Things You Say: Part 2

Dear Elise,

At 3 years old, you are quite the chatterbox, with a rather impressive vocabulary. I wanted to jot down some of the favorite funny things that you say so that we will remember them. Here are just a few:

• "Bump the horn": When we get home, Daddy lets you honk the horn or as you say "bump the horn."

• "Appisode": What you call apps on the tablet.

• "Hanitizer": What you call hand sanitizer...you would bathe in it if we let you!

• "Aw, come on dude!": What you say when a car cuts us off in traffic. You did not learn that from me...Daddy has some explaining to do!

• "Can we go there?": What you say every time that you see a Disney World commercial. Someday, sweet girl, some day...

• "Can we have a picnic?": Weekends usually involve at least one living room picnic. You love to spread out your Minnie Mouse blanket and eat your lunch.

• "Twinsies": If we have the same of anything, you say we are twinsies.

• "Big bath": That usually means a bath with Mommy - 2 in the tub means more water, hence it is a big bath.

• "'Gredients": Your class at preschool does a lot of cooking and you are always helping at home. You are quick to remind me that the 1st step is to get out all of the 'gredients.

• "'I'm cranky": Code for I am tired and it is making me do things that I should not. In your mind, "I'm cranky" covers a multitude of wrongs.

• "This is my jam": What you say when your favorite songs come on the radio.

• "I want to shoot some holes": I think that the rest of the world calls it shooting hoops...

• "Abenture": Anything fun that you have never done is always categorized in your eyes as an "abenture" (adventure).

• "I need some privacy": A common refrain if you are on the potty...should be noted that this is not a 2 way street since no adult in the house is afforded any potty privacy.

• "Star Whores": What you call one of your Daddy's favorite movie series' (Star Wars).

• "It's OK though": What you say any time you accidentally do something.

• "Whoa, Nelly": I have no clue where you picked this up at, but you use it to express surprise at something.

• "I need to make a list": I know exactly where you got this one as well, you are your Mommy's girl!

• "Do you want to go to the gun show?": I also know exactly where you picked this up...your Daddy has you trained to say it when he wears a sleeveless shirt...

• "I'm gonna win you!": What you say whenever we are racing or playing a board game.

• "Cheater Bunnies": What you call these Cheddar Bunnies...

• "I'm getting busy": What you say when you are in fact getting "dizzy."

• "So sorry": What you say very cheekily when you in fact are not sorry.

• "It's my special day!": You usually reserve this for when you get juice since you know we only do that on special and rare occasions. You also use this for times when you do something that merits a treat on our special plate.

• "E-L-I-S-E": The fact that your name has 5 letters made the tune of B-I-N-G-O perfect for teaching you to spell your name. Hopefully your teachers won't mind that you sing your name...

• "I love you the most!": By far my favorite is when you try to argue with us about who loves who the most and give us heart hands.

Oh, how we love you and the things you say.

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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