Tipsy Tuesday (#339)

I am not a cat person and even less so when I keep seeing all of my friends on Instagram whose cats have terrorized their Christmas tree!

Tip #339

I Heart Dogs.com shares a few tips to keep your furry friends safe this season.

Has your pet ever created a Christmas disaster?

Also, it makes me laugh a bit to see tinsel mentioned in this article, I was pretty sure that my Mom was the only person left who still used it, but maybe not...

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Jill said...

LOL This brought back a fond Christmas memory... I had a pet dog when I was young. A mutt named Jake, and he was a very bad dog. He was an outdoor dog, slept in our garage, so we didn't have the indoor problems most pet owners have. However, one year, the Christmas paper and tissue had all been cleaned up and put in garbage bags, and left in the garage (with Jake) when we left to go to my aunt's for Christmas dinner. When we came home, the garage door opened and there sat Jake in the middle of a piles of torn up Christmas paper. He had ripped the bags open and the garage was literally FILLED with colourful paper. It was everywhere. And he was sitting there in the middle of it, all innocent like, as if he was saying, "What? What did I do?" My dad tried REALLY hard to be mad, but none of us could stop laughing. One of my favourite Jake memories! haha!