Great Gifts from the Target Dollar Spot

My love for Target is well documented and the Dollar Spot there sure did come through this year for cute, affordable Christmas gifts!

These cute car books (only $1) will go to the boys in Elise's Sunday School class.

And this spray chalk, which can be used on sidewalks or on snow (again only $1 each), is what she is giving to her preschool classmates.

These super cute mini Pillow Pets Dream Lites were on clearance ($1.48 each) and will make the girls in her Sunday School class super happy!

I snagged one of these Stackable Crayons to go in Elise's stocking, but you could pair it with a coloring book (they have those in the Dollar Spot, too!) for an inexpensive gift for a little one.

P.S. Target paid me nothing for this little gem of a love-fest, but if they want to, I am totally open and will take payment in Target gift cards!

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