A Perfect Pumpkin Party

I told you all about the pumpkin plans that I was making for Elise's 3rd birthday party a few weeks ago. I've finished going through all of the photos and thought that I would share some details with you.

These invitations were my starting point - sort of rustic, girly doily accents, and a little glitter for glam.

I was hoping to have her party in our church picnic shelter, but October weather meant we were forced to move inside. It was just too damp for the kiddos outside. They did not seem to mind one bit as they painted their pumpkins, snacked on pizza, carrot sticks with ranch (one of E's favorites!), apples with dip, and of course, pumpkin cupcakes!
I had so much fun with all of the little details - glittered pumpkins, mini hay bales holding Oreo pumpkin suckers, doily bunting (originally intended to hang all around the shelter, but just ended up on the front of the food tables inside), and even a doily piñata (pull string style, so no need to swing a bat!--I'll do a DIY post for that and the bunting soon!)

And the sun peeked through and the rain lifted just long enough for a hay ride, which Elise absolutely loves!

Parties are so much work and not exactly cheap, but there was a moment during the hayride when she looked across the trailer at The Rev and hollered, "Daddy, I'm having so much fun!" and even El Cheapo would have told you it was worth it. And every night since then when we are winding down and getting ready for bedtime, Elise says, "Let's talk about my party" and she starts to recap who was there and all that we did and the fun that she had and it is absolutely worth every cent and minute of work.

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Jill said...

I love your attention to detail and the effort you put into your DIY projects - looks and sounds like Elise's 3rd birthday is one for the memory books! (and now, I SERIOUSLY want my own pumpkin party! so cool!!!)