Tipsy Tuesday (#297)

So, we are raising a 2 year old diva, whose night time beauty routine is getting to be a bit much...she needs her cream, and her "chapped lips" (chapstick) and her fuzzy socks...

Tip #297

and she is a bit heavy handed with the cream and chapstick. I think that I shall show her this - a helpful guideline on how much beauty product is really necessary.

Though I must admit that many of these products aren't even on my list. What are your favorite beauty products? What does your bedtime routine look like?


Sarah Shumate said...

Too funny! I'm like Elise - I have a pretty long bedtime routine, too!

1. Brush teeth and floss
2. Wash face
3. Moisturize face
4. Chapstick
5. Moisturize hands and feet
6. Put on fuzzy socks

This takes me around 20 minutes every night. And all Cory does is brush his teeth and he's done. :)

Connie W said...

HA! That is great that she has good beauty habits!

I found some nice anti-aging facial clothes that help moisturize my dry skin and they smell awesome!