Tipsy Tuesday (#295)

Elise has discovered and fallen in love with pomegranates.

Tip #295

You pay twice as much for the pretty seeds already packaged nice and neat in the produce section, so this Mom had to learn how to de-seed a pomegranate in a hurry!

Thanks My Little Gourmet  for making it so easy for me! Here are her instructions:

"What you’ll need is a medium bowl filled with some water, a knife, a strainer, and a big flat spoon like the wooden one above.

1.) To start you’ll want score the fruit horizontally with the knife. Don’t cut all the way through because then you’ll cut the seeds and that could get messy.
2.) Next take the fruit in both hands and twist it open.
3.) Take a half and place it open-side down in your palm and hold the spoon in your other hand. Now, over the bowl of water, whack (pretty hard) the backside of the pomegranate with the spoon. Continue doing this while turning the fruit so you get the seeds out of all of the sides.
4.) Repeat with the other half.
5.) Take a strainer or spoon and skim all of the white pieces off the top of the water.
6.) Dump the seeds out into a strainer and voila, you’ve got yourself some ready-to-eat pomegranate seeds in a matter of minutes."

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Jill said...

I bought a pomegranate once, and never did so again... it was way too much work for me. ;) Too bad, because those little ruby gems are delish!!