Blue Ridge Modern Quilt Guild

Sewing has really become something that I want to excel at, so when a Mom of one of Elise's preschool classmates mentioned that she was starting a Modern Quilt Guild, I knew that I wanted to join. She is a talented wedding dress and clothing designer and her mother owns the local sewing shop, so I knew that I would be surrounding myself with knowledge and some great resources. Modern quilting follows traditional quilting technique, but modernizes the aesthetic by using bold, bright colors and print; expansive negative space; high contrast and creative threading. We are meeting once a month to share our projects, learn techniques, and sit and sew a block of the month. This month, I sewed my first block, this cute little fancy fox face. Quilt pattern available here.

I'm planning my first big project, which will be a modern quilt for Elise's vintage modern big girl room. I'm toying with one of the quilt patterns below, in the color palette below left.
Any fellow quilters out there?


Connie W said...

I love quilting. I havne't done it in a while because I need to be able to devote lots of time to it. Love those patterns!

Sarah Shumate said...

Great job on your fox face! You're going to be so good at this! My sister knows how to sew quilts, but I never learned. I would eventually like to learn to knit or crochet, mostly because then I'd be able to give more personal gifts. I love handmade stuff!