Dear Elise,

Tomorrow you will be 2 years old. It does not seem possible. This has been the most fun year! Here is what you are up to:

•Eating: WATERMELON! You love it and cannot get enough. You also really love beans,  cheese, rice, corn on the cob and peanuts. You call fruit snacks "princesses," since that is the picture on the box. You have also learned how to eat a whole apple, you can walk around with one forever! You like booster seats rather than high chairs and are pretty vocal about it.

•Sleeping: Preschool has helped secure a good afternoon nap on most days since you are worn out after you get home and eat your lunch. You adore books at bedtime and even pick a favorite each night to sleep with (they have replaced binkies, which you gave up at 21 months!). I always feel so bad turning out the lights since you settle down on your pillow with your covers and book and open it to "read" it.

•Wearing: You are in mostly 18-24 months clothing, with a few 2T mixed in. You want a bow at all times and are starting to get more vocal about what you like to wear.

•Talking: We are so going to be in trouble because you are a TALKER! Your grasp of words and ability to remember what something is after being told just once amazes me. Everywhere we go people are always amazed at how well you speak and how many words you know for your age. Probably one of my favorites is when you randomly announce to us, "I happy!" Your Daddy's favorite is when you run to him and say, "Tickle me!"

•What You Love: Music and dancing, Piper - she is your best friend, playdough, playing the "pi-no" (piano), bubbles, Minnie Mouse, being a mermaid in the bathtub, hiding in your tent, getting under the covers on our bed, Taco Tuesday, rocking yourself in the rocking chair, trips to the park, helping in the kitchen, coloring, stickers, tickle time with Daddy, watching videos and looking at pictures of yourself, ice cream, your friends at church, school, doughnuts, restaurant buttermints, eskimo kisses, and puzzles!

•What We Love: ALL OF YOU! You really are a good child for the most part, of course there is the occasional tantrum in there, usually when you are frustrated, but you are so sweet and loving. Your hugs and kisses are the best!

You are our most favorite girl!

Mommy (and Daddy!)

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Sarah Shumate said...

Two - wow! Happy belated birthday, Elise! She is such a cutie! I love the pictures you included with this post. And I'm so with her on the watermelon. I could eat it all day every day in the summer!