We had a church bake sale this past weekend and I was determined to go all no bake, since I am right in the middle of planning for Elise's birthday party this weekend.

I made this Sugar Cookie Chex Mix and these Avalanche Bars. I love peanut butter and white chocolate and these were so good, like a crispier rice krispy treat, since you don't actually melt the marshmallows.

Give them a try! What's on your fall "To Bake" (or no bake!) list?

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Sarah Shumate said...

I just clicked over to both of these recipes and - YUM!!! I haven't had anything sweet, other than fruit, in two weeks and now I'm salivating! :) Especially those avalanche bars...oh man. My birthday is Monday, so given the occasion, I think I'm due a little something sweet, right? If you can't cheat on your birthday, when can you??