Tipsy Tuesday (#258)

No serious tip today, just a prank tip for you!

Tip #258

Turn a co-worker's world upside down for a laugh

Because I have no poker face, spend all day on a computer, and am a lame prank puller, this is all I can help you out with on April Fool's Day. Press Ctrl+Alt+↓ to turn the display on a computer screen upside down. (Just press the opposite, Ctrl+Alt+↑ to return it to normal display.)

Now, what is the best prank ever played on you? Are you gullible like me?


Jill said...

I'm terribly gullible, but fortunately, no pranks played on me today! I even caught on to a few I saw on FB and heard on the radio. My dad used to get us all the time by saying there were deer in the back yard. You'd think after once or twice we'd have figured him out! ;)

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

OMG this is my favorite thing ever!!!I LOVE JOKES AT WORK!!!
They mostly make me laugh hysterically but when I don't get a good reaction, I"m sadly disappointed.
I hung a piece of paper in the break room and it was cut into long slits on the bottom, sortof like the old baby sitting ads with the number to tear off and call..... Except mine said
FREE PAPER..... lame, but funny to me.
Another was taking a fake roach and making color copies of it on 10 sheets of paper. I then took those 10 sheets and loaded them back in so when people would print the paper out, it had a roach on it, which they had to decide if it was real or not-- apparently this didn't go over well b/c someone said that it was a waste of paper. WHATEVER.
The others I've done is barely disconnecting keyboards, mouses and head sets for the phone.
I also would like to find a chia pet so I can take the seeds and grow them in a keyboard and replace it once grass grows for the person who eats at their desk most and replace their keyboard with the grown one.

Gosh, these are fun.