2013 Review Extravaganza - Q3

I'm linking up with a ton of wonderful gals who want to know what we have been up to this year. If you want to play along, visit any one of them, Shell @ Things I Can't Say, Emmy @ Emmy Mom, Lourie @ CA Girl, Natalie @ From Corporate to Domestic, Nicole @ Life's a Beach, Kenzie @ Life & Lemons, Amy @ Involuntary Smiles and Janette @ Johanson Journey for the details!

Today, I'm recapping July, August, and September.

Lots of rain made the Rev's flowers particularly beautiful this summer.

A big batch of strawberries meant lots of delicious berry treats at our house.

Our turd of a house got a makeover!

Elise turned 9, then 10, then 11 months old.

Back to school meant a crafty new wreath for the school office.

And the Rev started giving Elise tips on dating....


Barbara said...

Flowers and berry treats! What a great recap!

Kenzie S said...

Oh wow those flowers are so pretty!
Home makeovers are so fun! I will have to check yours out!
That wreath is really neat!
Great recap!

Emmy said...

Those flowers are so beautiful!! It was amazing how a few changes totally changed the look of your house