Tipsy Tuesday (#235)

Do you pack lunch for your children? Ever worry about cold foods not staying cold?

Tip #235

Worry no more! You can make your own ice packs for their lunch boxes on the cheap.

Carole at My Kitchen Escapades says "To make, just saturate a clean sponge with water and place into a ziplock bag. Lay flat in the freezer and freeze overnight. In the morning, just toss them into the lunch boxes. As they melt, they will reabsorb the water so just toss them back in the freezer after school."

I bet these would work for boo-boos as well!


Jill said...

So easy - yet, how have I never thought of this before?!

Emmy said...

No way! Never would have thought of that. Plus then they are lighter and probably don't squish food as much.

Emily said...

absolutely brilliant!