Listening...to co-workers chat - we are on a meeting break.

Eating...buttermints that I snagged at lunch.

Drinking...Nothing - it is freezing cold in here, can't afford to drink anything cold. Seriously considering hot chocolate in August.

Reading...back to school notes about our new data management system...don't be jealous...

Wearing...Black crop pants and a pink top...wishing for socks and a fur coat....

Feeling...Overwhelmed with meetings every day this week, revival every night, and birthday shopping for the Rev, who still hasn't told me what he wants.

Needing...Sleep and Tylenol, hit my head on Saturday and it has been hurting ever since.

Wanting...A new Purse...just got outbid on eBay.

Thinking...about all of the plans for E's birthday running through my head.

Enjoying...being a Mom. E has started giving hugs and it is so sweet!

What are you doing today?


Sarah Shumate said...

Hugs from little ones can cheer you up on even the worst of days! She loves her momma! :o)

Becca said...

Great post today, do you mind if I steal it? I am in such a blog slump and this is a very good prompt!

Have a great afternoon!