Tipsy Tuesday (Calling All Tipsters!)

I've been passing out the tips for a while now and I'm running low on tried and true helpful hints...so how about helping a sister out?

You are all so wonderful to chime in each week with what works for you, so I know that you have a wealth of knowledge. Send your favorite time saving, money saving, makes life easier, couldn't be a wife/mother without it tip to me at staciebuys(at)yahoo.com. If I use yours, I'll be sure to say all kinds of nice stuff about you, link back to your blog and give you full credit!

**Alright now, I'm talking tips, head over to see what Impulsive and Shawn are talking about on Talk to us Tuesday!**


Connie said...

Hmmm....I'll have to come up with something!

Julie Maloney said...

Hmm...not sure I have much of value to say. All my important stuff that I think will help people is in the header of my blog. Basically weight loss, mystery shopping links and a blogging 101 for newbies.

Janette Johanson said...

WOW!! That's a tough one girl!!
I am terrible with money, especially after having kids and seeing all the cuteness out there for them--- I'm a help failure- sorry. I can help you on where to spend though if you need help with that?

Impulsive Addict said...

Apparently, using vinegar with a touch of dish soap will clean 10 years worth of hairspray from your mini blinds. I bet it's a pretty solid "regular" cleaner too.

becca said...

i'll have to think on this one