Decking the Halls...I Mean Doors...

Our Christmas wreaths were sad, I'm pretty sure the neighbors made fun of us last year. So, inspired by this tulle wreath, I made my own version for the front door.
And because I didn't want to have a fabulous front door and leave the side door naked, I used an old picture frame, some dollar store garland, and leftovers from the tulle wreath project to gussy her up as well.
What do you think? Did you buy any new Christmas decorations this year?


Jill said...

You did a wonderful job! So pretty & festive! My aunt made the wreath I hang on my front door... she's a better crafter than I am! lol

I added a few new decorations this year to my collection - a toll-painted snowman that says "Fat Snowmen Last Longer" (bought him at a craft sale, he spoke to me!); I bought a new snowflake candle holder at a Party Lite party; my mom got me a snowflake-themed burner from Scentsy; and I got a snowman hanging at my friends' decoration exchange last weekend! :)

Jessica McCoy said...

I have always wanted to have a square wreath but never thought about using a picture frame! Genius!

Love your wreaths!

LeeLu Creations said...