Smelly-Goods & Chocolate

I was fortunate enough to have 2 great co-workers that took on my responsibilities while I was out on maternity leave. No small feat, since they had to learn my job and still keep up with theirs.

I wanted to take them a little something to say "Thanks" when I returned today. I figured that it is hard to go wrong with something that smells good and chocolate! And these super cute free printables that I printed on scrapbook paper made them seem much fancier than they really were. Just print and attach!

Total time was maybe 10 minutes, total cost less than $15 for 2 smelly-goods and 2 large candy bars.


Jinnifer richard said...

you are best beautiful mom in world. i like you too much

LeeLu Creations said...

You are so thoughtful! A great gift.

becca said...

what a great gift idea