Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Kaboom! Foam-Tastic

I've reviewed some great products in the past (remember, no compensation here, I just share it if I like it), but I feel like I owe it to you to save you some money on this one.

The Product: Kaboom! Foam-Tastic

The Pitch: According to the loud commercial, this spray goes on blue and turns white when your surface is clean. Then you just magically wipe away all of the dirt.

The Verdict: Kids, I haven't been able to bend over the tub and get a good scrub on in a while, so I knew when this stuff immediately turned white when sprayed on, that it was not going to work. I even gave it an extra scrub with the little tool that my Mom turned me on to when I complained about said inability to bend over, and still just so-so results. Overall, more crap-tastic than foam-tastic, I'd save my money if I were you.

Now for a survey--what is your favorite can't live without it cleaning product or tip?


Tracy said...

I got it and mine came out blue then turned white. I got the toilet bowl cleaner so maybe you got a bad batch?

Marian Hertzog said...

Magic Eraser! And now they made a mop with a Magic Eraser on it! I have painted hardwood floors and it works great on them!