Tipsy Tuesday (#158)

Spring cleaning is coming...

Tip #158

and window washing isn't glamorous, but these tips will help insure sparkling windows in no time!

  • Wash one side of a window with horizontal strokes and the other side with vertical strokes so you can pinpoint which side of the window has a streak.

  • Use a squeegee on a long handle or a sponge/squeegee combination to prevent streaks on large windows.

  • Washing windows should be done on a cloudy day, because direct sunlight dries cleaning solutions before you can polish the glass properly. ­ ­

  • To give an extra shine to window glass, polish it with well-washed cotton T-shirts or old cloth diapers. Or rub a clean blackboard eraser over a freshly washed and dried window to give it a diamond-bright shine.

  • Polish windows to a sparkling shine with crumpled newspaper. The paper also leaves a film that's resistant to dirt.

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    Nadine Hightower said...

    My granny used to make her own window cleaner vinegar and I can't remember what else. We had pickled windows.

    Connie Weiss said...

    I need one of those squeegee things!

    Stacy Uncorked said...

    What a great idea! Usually I end up just hosing them off since they're 7-feet tall and 3-feet wide. If I could find a really long squeegee I might have to try that method! :)

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    Jill said...

    Eeek...I hate washing windows. :( But I will have to remember these tips when I finally get around to it this spring. Let's hope that happens before it becomes winter again... haha!

    Anonymous said...

    This is on the list of things to do sometime during the spring. I am NOT looking forward to it. This is our first house with a second story, so I think I'm going to have to make my husband get on the ladder and do the top windows. There's no WAY I'm getting up there!

    Impulsive Addict said...

    Surprisingly, I knew most of these!!! My MIL washed all my windows (inside and out) over Christmas. I was going to pay someone to do it but she did it for FREE! That's awesome!

    Johanson Family said...

    I keep forgetting to get the newspaper out to try this! They keep laying the paper out on my drive way even though I don't have a subscription so maybe they're trying to tell me to WASH MY WINDOWS! How embarrassing! great tips as always