Tipsy Tuesday (#126)

Now that I have the perfect bathing suit...

Tip #126

here's how to keep it looking new.

  • If you've been in the ocean, soak your suit in cold water for 15 minutes before washing in a gentle cycle or by hand.
  • Never put your suit in the dryer. Instead roll it in a towel to soak up extra water--wringing it out can stretch and pull--then, let air dry in the sun.

  • Be sure to throw your suits in the washer one last time when the season ends, to make sure there is no lingering chlorine or salt water in the fabric.
  • Happy swimming!


    Pretty Things said...

    Excellent advice -- I've ruined a ton in that crazy machine they used to have in the locker rooms, that spun the heck out of the suit.

    Impulsive Addict said...

    CRAP! I always dry mine in the dryer when I get home from moms. They have a salt water pool and I have to say it's waaaay better than a chlorine pool!

    Is that a pic of your pool?

    becca said...

    great tip

    Everyday Life

    AgnesandAmy said...

    Excellent tip. There's nothing worse than an ocean-crusted bathing suit! Or when the salt discolors it... blech. The whole soaking-it-in-cold-water thing? Genius.