Public Pool Confessions


  • I confess...that the bestie, her boys, and I were looking for something to do on Memorial Day. It was a million degrees outside so the pool seemed like a good idea.

  • I confess...that some of you might think the public pool thing is gross, but ours isn't that bad, its fairly cheap, and the clientele isn't too shady.

  • I confess...that I only had SPF 50, which was good everywhere except my back, where I got a nice burn on.

  • I confess...that we spent most of our time in the kiddie pool for the boys, which was fine with me, you can just sit right down in the cool water and chill.

  • I confess...that you can sit in a pile of caulk on the bottom of said kiddie pool that is not dry and ruin your bathing suit, as well.

  • I confess...that some little kid hit me in the face 2 times with an inflatable ball and bat, it wasn't an accident either, the little terror did it on purpose.

  • I confess...that I was about 2 seconds from saying something to his Mom about it...but then I overheard her say how happy she was that she got probation instead of jail time, so I thought it best to just let it slide.

  • I confess...that we still had a great time and will probably go again because while we were there I remembered what I love about the public pool....there will almost always be someone fatter and whiter than you there...

  • I confess...that I just remembered that Mamarazzi has her own pool and pool boy and doesn't have to go to the public pool...we might need to plan a visit!


    Corinne said...

    I love going to the public pool. Who cares about the other people there, my kids have a blast.

    Impulsive Addict said...

    I would love to hang with Mama at her pool too! My parents have a pool and they opened it last weekend. When I return from the North Pole, I'm diving it....with a big fat azz beer or Captain and diet. I am in serious need of alcohol right now....

    Jill said...

    I wish I HAD a public pool to go to!! Instead I have to bum pool time from friends and family who have one. First thing I'm getting when I a) win the lottery, or b) marry a wealthy man, is a pool. ;)

    Kat said...

    We always go to the the Hubs Gparents as it's close and they don't care when we come or go. Love pool time!

    I can't stand kids who do things on purpose like that, and LOL on when you overheard the Mom talking about getting probation instead of jail time.

    Mamarazzi said...

    oh man...public pools. yikes.

    good call on not talking to the mama, better to be safe.

    yes, come visit...bask in the hotness of my poolboy and the CHILL of my pool. it is raining today and cold. my pool won't be warm until September. Grr.

    becca said...

    so happy that we finally got our pool up and running it's been a wonderful thing so far. hve a great weekend

    Everyday Life

    Johanson Family said...

    clientele isn't too shady... but this woman got parole instead of jail time... all in the same post.. heh... that was funny. I'd have accidentally smacked some water in that kids eyes.
    ooops! did I say that?!