We Want To Know Wednesday!


So, these fun gals ( Impulsive Addict , Janette , Mamarazzi , and Shawn ) are dying to know how I will answer these questions...

{1.}If money didn't matter, where would your perfect vacation take place? Briefly describe.

I really want to go to Hawaii. We are saving up to go for our 10th anniversary in a few years. No set schedule while we are there, just a lot of relaxing...

{2.}What's a bad habit that you have {or had} that is/was hard to break?

I used to bite my fingernails really bad, but I don't anymore. I try to keep them filed and neat, but if one breaks, I have to file them all down, so they will be the same length, weird, right?

P.S. So glad this question was not open to our husbands...

{3.} If you weren't on a diet or counting calories, what would you like to have for dinner tonight?

What? You are supposed to count calories? Who made this ridiculous rule?

Seriously, though, probably the Chicken Marsala at The Cheesecake Factory followed by the Chocolate Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake. This would be my birthday meal every year, if we lived close to one.

{4.} If you had the chance to interview anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and what's one question that you would ask?

I'd say God, but I know that I will get the chance to ask Him all of the questions that I want to one day anyway. And I have a feeling if I don't know the answer to something yet, it's because He is not ready to tell me.

So, I either want to ask some dorky, math genius to teach me the formula to figure out the winning lottery numbers or I want to ask Britney Spears if her hair ever grew back.

{5.} Describe yourself in 6 words.

Wife, Christian, Loyal, Organized, Crafty, Thoughtful.


Johanson Family said...

Aw great answers Stacie!! I love the way you spell your name!! I'd love to plan a trip for my 5th anniversary or 10th... but looks like it will be a while before we can go on a trip. I'm such a nervous nellie about leaving the kids for too long... wonder why so many people have the habit of putting their fingers in their mouth? interesting. I do it too.

Amanda said...

Chicken Marsala sounds really yummy right now. As well as Hawaii. :)

VandyJ said...

Hawaii is definitely on our list to visit, someday.

Shawn said...

You will love Hawaii, it is breathtaking!

I would have been easier to answer if it was about our husbands, I can rattle off 5 things in less than 5 seconds!

God would be the prefect person to interview that is if Brittany was too busy.

Thanks for linking up again this week!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

LOL definitely want to know the formula for the lottery ticket winning...although if a math genius knew it don't you think they would have won the lottery already? Hmmm got me thinking on that one! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Hawaii is amazeballs. We did Maui and then we did Kauai. Both were awesome for different reasons.

I used to bite my nails too. That's probably why I was always sick. GROSS!

OMG...Tuxedo Cream Cheesecake? Yes please!

I'm scared of God. He probably wants to send me straight to hell and Bin Laden's down there!!!

I love your descriptors. They fit you. I'm glad you didn't say drunk.

dddiva said...

Love your answers- I have got to get to a Cheesecake Factory someday.

I would love to go to Hawaii and just be with no schedule, but first I have to shop for the perfect shoes and clothes in Italy. ;)

Mamarazzi said...

go to Maui...best island of all of the islands...trust me!

aww crap i forgot what else i was gonna say. you really need to switch to pop up comments for people like me who forget stuff easily.

oh oh chicken marsala...yum!!