Make Your Own Candy Earrings

For those who asked, here is somewhat of a tutorial so that you can make your own Candy Sprinkle earrings!

Step 1: Select your bezel (you are not limited to earrings, you could do a necklace pendant, ring, bracelet, etc. Etsy has a great selection. Keep in mind that you'll want a fairly deep pendant. Here are some samples:

Step 2: Fill your bezel almost full of the candy sprinkles of your choice. After I do this, I like to use a toothpick to kind of move the sprinkles around and get a good color distribution (yes, I am anal like that!).

Step 3: Mix your resin. I used ICE resin, which I purchased here. My kit came with measuring cups, stir sticks, and enough resin to do many projects. The resin also came with detailed instructions for measuring, mixing, and complete steps for use.

Step 4: Slowly and carefully pour your resin into the bezel, stopping just when you have filled to the edge of the bezel. For the larger earrings that I made, I poured the resin. For the smaller ones, I just kind of used the stir stick to drizzle it in. Use a toothpick to pop any large bubbles that might appear.

Step 5: Set aside and allow to cure for 3 days. If you want more of a domed appearance, instructions for achieving this effect should be included with your resin kit.

Step 6: Attach to earwires, a necklace, etc.

Step 7: Decide which of your friends is going to be the lucky recipient of this fun accessory or keep them for yourself!

If I left anything out or it doesn't make sense, feel free to contact me and I'll walk you through it!

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