Cookies for a Cause

I am not normally a cookie baker. I usually only bake decorated cookies at Christmas. Until now...

About a month ago, Amanda at i am baker, was going to give away 2 dozen cookies each to 5 deserving families or individuals--maybe someone going through a tough time, or someone who was far from home, or who just needed a pick me up. She opened up the giveaway and was shocked when she received over 150 nominations for folks who could benefit from a little cookie love. She read through all of the nominations and realized that picking 5 was just not going to be an option. She turned to her blog followers and asked us to help. She matched us up with a nominee and we all baked cookies and shipped them out at the first of this month. Everybody who was nominated received cookies. That kind of pitching in to help people you will probably never meet is just a small part of what I love about my fellow bloggers.

My nominee is Nathan, a young boy in TN who is battling leukemia and has just had his 3rd bone marrow transplant. His options are running out. I cannot even begin to imagine what that family has been through and what they continue to go through. And I don't for even one second think that cookies can fix it, but if a box of cookies, made with love, can bring a smile to someone's face and for just a brief moment provide an escape from the real world, then I am happy to help.

The person who nominated Nathan mentioned that he loved Hot Wheels, so I came up with a dozen iced race car cookies, a dozen M&M cookies (because what child doesn't love M&M's!) and some marshmallow pops. I also tucked a few Hot Wheels in there to help him pass the time while he is hospitalized.

Today is International Pay It Forward Day. Go do something nice for someone you don't know! And if you are a praying person, please lift little Nathan and his family up when you pray.


KatiePerk said...

Love. This is fabulous. The cookies turned out great and I know you made his day.

Impulsive Addict said...

OMG. *tears*

Do you really need to make me cry so early in the morning? This is horribly sad. Poor sweet Nathan. I'm so sad for him and his family.

It's so cool what that blogger is doing. I'm going over to thank her now.

IPIFD? Yeeees! I'm good at paying-it-forward.

LeeLu Creations said...

This is so awesome! I wish I would've known about it b/c I love making cookies!

Amanda said...

You did wonderful thing here. I am so blessed to have "met" you through this. And thank you so much for your generosity and kind heart!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh hun your cookies are amazing and what a great thing to do! YOU're so awesome!!

I love this, the church I go to does this for people. Heck a card in the mail can brighten someone's day :)

Baloney said...

Amazing. Those cookies are unbelievable!
You've changed lives with your gift.