Tipsy Tuesday (#111)

It's not a great deal if...

Tip #111

you purchase a product based on the price after rebate and then don't claim your rebate!

Send away for and follow up on rebates. After you buy a product with a rebate, send in the form that day. Then mark your calendar to remind yourself to follow up with the rebate company if the check hasn’t shown up. Be sure to keep copies of your receipt and the form that you send in, just in case. Companies advertise these lower prices with the knowledge that most people never follow up on them. Best rule of thumb--if you don't want to pay the price before rebate and you doubt that you will follow through, skip it and keep shopping until you find an instant price that you can live with.


Impulsive Addict said...

I totally do this! {But it's probably due to my OCD more so than forgetting about it.}

Diane B said...

You put this out as a reminder to me.....right?