Recipe Card Holder

It seems like I never get to see Lil' Miss Wilkes since we stopped being cubicle neighbors. We did get to spend a little time together this past weekend at her Bridal Shower. It was so good to catch up and hear all about plans for the big day at the end of April. I'm so happy that she found "the ONE."
She had some great stuff picked out on her registry and because I know how much she loves to be in the kitchen, I opted to get her a red mixing bowl and some stainless measuring tools and these super cute red and white checked washcloths. They are going to look great in her new house.

But, of course, I had to include a little of me, in the form of something handmade. I looked over the registry and I know her well enough to know that her kitchen was going to be in red and white and would have a vintage flair to it. So, I created a recipe card holder using a simple black picture frame, scrapbook paper, an old fork, and some hot glue. Just cut the paper to size, pop it in the frame, use pliers to bend the tines of your fork up, and hot glue to the glass. Add some cute recipe cards and you are finished! Now, Lil' Miss Wilkes has a convenient prop-up for all of those yummy recipes she'll be making as a new bride!

And of course I had to include this favorite recipe for a happy marriage. It reads:
To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the wedding cup,
whenever you're wrong, admit it,
whenever you're right, hush up!


Annette said...

Saw this and decided I'm going to make one...for myself, lol! I'm trying to do better with more homemade cooking, so this will be a totally cute incentive for me!

Thanks for the how-to! :-)

OvenDelights said...

I've never seen this done, how cute! Going to have to make me one!

Recipe Cards said...

If you or someone you know is big on cooking and has many recipes, it would be beneficial for you or them to have a recipe card holder. With a recipe card holder, you can keep all of your delicious recipes in order and neat. Thanks a lot....

Amanda said...

Love it! Going to have a go at making some thing similar, might inspire me to try some more cooking! Thanks for sharing

Joshua White said...

A useful way to hold my recipe cards with the reuse of my old silverware.