Please Tell Me I Am Not Alone...

I remember this old, ratty Duck Head T-shirt that my brother had when we were younger. It was so gross the armpits had rotted out! And I, having grown up with him as the only male around, was somehow under the impression that he was the only male who had such a shirt. Then I got married, and I figured out that they must all have one.

The Rev brought Old Blue and Plaidy into our marriage and if they were worn out 6 years ago, they are downright pathetic now. Old Blue is a sleeveless shirt, that has one side literally hanging on by a thread, he is past repair, but we can't throw him out. Despite the fact that Plaidy was "very well made in Hong Kong" as it said on the label, which the Rev believes dates back to 1994, he developed a gaping hole and I thought perhaps the time had come to turn him into cleaning rags. But apparently, when I think it is time for the trash pile, it is just getting good and broken in. So I wasn't too surprised when the Rev asked if I could fix it. I said sure, if I can blog about it, thinking that surely that embarrassment would be enough to get it in the garbage can and hauled away before he even knew what happened. But he said OK and so, here we are today.

That is right, folks, I had to buy some knit material and fashion patches to repair Plaidy. It was a moment reminiscent of when Michael Keaton uses the stapler to repair Kenny's wubby in Mr. Mom--I cannot believe what love will make you do... Here is the new and improved Plaidy, Plaidy 2.0 we will call him, complete with a heart shaped patch and crazy quilt stitching over that gaping hole--hey, don't ask a woman to fix your He-man shirt if you don't want it frou-froued...

So, tell me what I-wouldn't-cry-if-it went-missing item did your spouse or significant other bring into the relationship? I know I can't be alone!

P.S. Want proof that God can use something as ordinary as sewing up a holey shirt to teach a life lesson? Visit me over at Everyday Christian to get the rest of this story.

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Impulsive Addict said...

Ok...my husband wears his boxers even when they have ginormous holes in them! I'm the only one that does the laundry so you bet your sweet lips I toss those things out. That grosses me out.

The heart shaped patch is cute but does he still wear it? OMG! HAHAHA~