Heath Bar Cake

I've been away at a conference for the first half of the week, so today was like cramming 3 days worth of work into one to get caught up. Add to that the fact that our weekend is slap full, I'm already worn out and it is cold and rainy, and I really just want to do nothing but go to bed and sleep....but I promised to bake a cake for the PTO's cake auction tomorrow, so instead, I'm baking.

A big thanks to Monica at Lick the Bowl Good for sharing this easy recipe for Coffee Heath Bar Cake. I omitted the coffee part and baked one to take and one to keep. Minimal effort but yummy results. My belly is about to enjoy a warm slice right now, then to bed...


Danielle said...

Oh. Em. Gee.

Maybe you can FedEx me a slice? I know that if I make a whole one, I will eat it too.

KatiePerk said...

Wow! I must try this.