Home Sweet Home - Goals for 2011

So, The Nester is challenging us to list some goals for our home in 2011. I have many things that I want to accomplish in this journey from house to home. Here are just a few. Maybe if I share them with you, I'll feel more accountable about accomplishing them. I'll keep you posted.

Find the perfect, dark wood, rectangle table for this space--at a bargain of course, maybe on Craigslist.

Finish this picture wall in our hallway

Re-finish and re-purpose this stereo cabinet

Dress these windows, maybe with some of the Nester's mistreatments and get some new lampshades for the lamps

Make some pillows like these, in a soothing blue, for our bedroom

Build a small built-in looking bookshelf at the end of our peninsula--so that I can better house my growing collection of cookbooks

So, what are you up to this year?


Impulsive Addict said...

Loved looking at your pics! Very pretty house!

KatiePerk said...

I like your goals. You have inspired me to participate!!

OvenDelights said...

I hope this is the year my husband finishes our bathroom in my master bedroom. I haven't used it in 5yrs! He's had excuse after excuse, and quite frankly I'm pretty fed up!Uhhhhhh!