Tipsy Tuesday (#87)

We’re hitting the bottle…sort of..

Tip #87

Use an ordinary bottle of rubbing alcohol to solve these common household dilemmas.

Clean haze off of a mirror: When you are all out of window cleaner, pour alcohol on a cloth and gently rub over glass to leave a streak-free shine.

Oops, you put on too much perfume: Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol, and dab over perfumed skin. As the alcohol evaporates, so will some of the fragrance, leaving just enough.

Break leather shoes in the easy way: Pour alcohol on a towel and apply it to any suspect areas (think where toes and heels rest). Slip on socks and wear the shoes while they are damp. The alcohol combined with the moisture from your feet will speed the stretching of the leather. No more blisters!

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