More Wall Art

The last thing that seems to get done everywhere I live is artwork and window treatments. I've been on a quest to fix that, little by little, room by room.

A while back I found 2 bargains and knew that they would help me with one of those issues. The metal piece with the gross color scheme was on clearance for $3 at Marshalls and the plaque with the quote was $5 at Hobby Lobby.

The quote was too small to hang alone in the space that I needed to fill, so I painted the metal piece, attached them, and there you have it, another piece of wall art for the master bedroom, and for only $8! Up next for this room--cornice boards and new pillows!


KatiePerk said...

So cute!

Kristin said...

That looks great, impressive to be able to see that from the original stuff, I would have turned up my nose. Nicely done.