Makin' More Friends!

I like...sleep, and lately I have not been getting enough.

I don't like...mayonnaise, just the smell alone makes me gag. I think it is the only reason that I couldn't go to Paula Deen's for dinner, because I would be afraid that it was hidden in something.

I love...my husband and my dog...and Target...and Hobby Lobby...

I dream of...Jeanie????

I wonder...if I'll ever have kids.

I know...how to spell pretty much any word you can think of, not bragging, just sayin'...

I went...to the library today--it doesn't seem nearly as stuffy when you are an adult.

I have...too many unfinished/in progress projects.

I think...I am ready for cooler weather...92 today.

I plan...on making and canning salsa this week.

I regret...not finishing college.

I do...too much worrying.

I drink...way too much Diet Cherry Pepsi.

I wish...I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...that is for my 80's and 90's music lovin' peeps.

I am...so glad that I am forgiven.

I am not...glad that the Rev has an extra semester of school...he is a cranky student.

I need...a back massage and a pedicure.

I graduated...from a baby camera to a big girl camera this year.

I hope...the South Carolina Gamecocks have a great season. If they don't, I hope they get rid of the Head Ball Coach.

I want...more stores in our sleepy little town.

I sometimes...eat frosting straight out of the container...no cake needed.

I always...clean the house every day...not huge clean, just dust and vacuum and straighten up.

I can...do just about anything I set my mind to.

I work...too hard at pleasing others sometimes.

I cannot...tolerate people who are mean to kids.

I avoid...confrontation like the plague. I am mad at some people right now and they will probably never know it, because I won't confront them...except for in my mind...

I will...get a job...if the economy ever picks up.

Thanks to Kenz at All the Weigh for hosting this week's Friend Makin' Monday!


Sheilagh said...

I like your list, you sound like a fun person to be around:)

KatiePerk said...

Cute list. What kind of salsa are you canning? I have a ton of jalapenos and am trying to figure out what to do with them!

aubrey said...

Probably a safe bet at Paula Deen's house...she has a killer bacon cheeseburger meatloaf (low-cal of course) and even that has mayo in it. Me, I glob it on like they do in the commercials. Mmmmmm.

And hooray for frosting out of the container...it's so much better when it's been in the fridge too.

Christina said...

I hope you don't mind me adding you to my favorites list, I love your site. Thanks for the comment on my blog.