Do You Swiffer?

I have this habit of turning nouns into verbs, its like my own little language. I use Google and Facebook as verbs all the time, and the habit extends to my cleaning products as well. Back before the Shark died, I would always say that I was going to Shark. Likewise, when I am going to dust or clean the bathroom floors, I always say that I am going to Swiffer, since I use Swiffer tools for those jobs. I rarely use the mop anymore and got rid of the feather duster a long time ago in favor of the Swiffer WetJet and the Swiffer duster.

So, I was totally excited to see an ad a few weeks back in the sales circular that was offering a $10 rebate on the purchase of Swiffer refill products. If you are like me and have a borderline compulsive obsession with cleaning products and love to save money, you can check out all of the rebate details here. But hurry, you need to purchase your qualifying refill products by June 30, 2010 and mail your forms and receipts in by July 30, 2010.

P.S. Do you have a can't-live-without-it cleaning product/tool? I'd love to hear about it!

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