Friend Makin' Monday: The Perfect Date

One of the best things about blogging is the friends that you make along the way. I'm joining Amber for Friend Makin' Monday and her question this week is "What is your idea of the perfect date?"

Since I already gave you a little insight into how the Rev and I figured out an everybody-wins-perfect-date in this post, I thought that I would use Amber's question to tell you my perfect-if-we-lived-in-an-episode-of-The Bachelor-date.

Dinner at the Lady & Sons in Savannah, GA (of course, Paula Deen would serve us personally!)

A stay at any one of the beautiful historic inns in Savannah

A relaxing massage

Hand dipped Chocolate Covered Cherries

And most importantly, no talk of bills, laundry, school, unemployment...


Danielle said...

What a nice date! I absolutely LOVE Paula and get so jealous when my friend from Georgia eats at her restaurant.

MrsJenB said...

Oh, I am dreaming of visiting The Lady and Sons!!! Savannah is a place I know I could get along famously with!

Those chocolate covered cherries are to die for!

No talk of the outside world? Amen!

Happy FMM!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

YEP! This sound perfect! I am a city girl too living in the country LOL. Well, my city was Paris LOL
I am following you now, come follow me!