My Mom...in 60 Words or Less

Mom is turning 60 today and even though this is my blog and you expect to hear from me, I thought that today seemed like a great day to invite some of the other folks who are lucky enough to call her Mom (in-law), daughter, sister, niece, and friend to share their favorite Mom moments and well wishes.

Their assignment was to try and accomplish that feat in 60 words or less--some made it, others not so much (me included), but I'm sure you'll bear with us...after all, a girl only turns 60 once!

Diane, You are one of our most loved and cherished Friends. We share the same values and faith and feel the same fierce protection of our family. I (Bev) can talk to you about anything and know it stays right there. Me (Levern) has to be careful what I say. (ha). We always count on you to tell us the truth, but never judge. We admire you more than you'll ever know. Thanks for your friendship. (YOU'LL SOON BE AS OLD AS ME.) Love you Lots, Bev & Ox.

Diane...I have known you for 30 plus yrs. I don't think I 've ever told you what a wonderful person I think you are. Your children are a reflection of your hard work and effort to raise them to love the Lord and love and respect you. I hope you have one of the best birthdays ever!!!Much Love, Louise & Jerry

Diane- I have known you for what seems like forever. I admire the way you have raised two wonderful children on your own and serve your church and your God loyally. Over the past few years I've come to see your in a new light though ... the only person I know that babies their dog as much as me. LOL. I've enjoyed sharing our stories and having someone to "dog talk" with that understands me. It seems like whenever I need a good laugh or just to stop and smile during the day I get a pet-friendly e-mail from you that does the trick. THANKS! Happy Birthday. Joy

Diane, Wow! 60 years "young!" We remember all those soft words you and Roger had about driving, cars, and NASCAR! Your gift for story-telling is precious too. Best of all, we remember your devotion to the Lord which is evident in your work with your church and your use of the talent the Lord gave you for singing to glorify Him! Love, Roger and Barbara

Diane, you were the best big sister as we were growing up! Now, you are my very dear friend! I'm blessed to have you as my sister. Have a super fantastic 60th birthday!!!! Love, Bonnie

There are plenty of fun things I can tell you. When she and Bonnie were still in their cribs and we lived on Stone/Bonlee Street - the both of them were always into something that got them into trouble. At night after they were put into bed, they would climb out of their baby beds and hide in the hall to watch TV. We always caught them - when they heard us get up or speak they would run back and jump into their cribs. We had a little Terrier. The girls loved to dress her up and walk her down the walk. She never fussed - they could do anything to her because Penny thought they belonged to her. When Diane went with a church group to Caswell, she had an accident that resulted in a skull fracture and they took her to Wilmington Hospital, where she stayed for quite some time - when she stabilized they brought her to Cone Hospital where she returned to good health. Mildred James was driving that car that night and Diane was sitting on the rear bumper when she fell off. I don't think Mildred ever got over that fact. One day she was roller skating down our driveway here and fell backwards and got a pretty bad fall, from which she was fine. My girls are the light of my life!! (Momma)

Indecisive yet predictable; pays attention to what is going on in our lives and supports our personal interests; Loves and spoils Phoebe; signs cards Mom/Diane; enjoys going to the movies with her "kids"; usually cries when telling a story; claims to be a better driver when she’s alone; a family meal isn’t over until we hear "I’m miserable" (Kelly)

My favorite Diane-isms: (High pitched) Oh?....(Everytime she leaves a message) Hey, its just me.....BO FAA....That's not that red.....Oh your gonna tan nicely.....it looks much better.....Mike, I'm your only mother-in-law you have to love me.....Bite the fat white.....Jack!!!.......I'm miserable.These are some of my favorite things about my Favorite mother-in-law. Please don't change them because we love laughing with (at) you. I'm glad you are my mother in law and thank you for treating me like one of your own. I love you and Happy Birthday!!From Your Favorite Son in law, Mr. Mike

Belly to bellies; Big Lots episodes; Cleaning Thursdays and happy meals; Peppermint patties, hot dogs, and holey underwear; Orange danishes after bedtime; Skipping church for the four horsemen; Standing by me when I didn’t deserve it; Being proud of me when I did; The little things leave lasting impressions; Thanks for letting me be part of your life. Happy Sixty! (Scott)

Crying at Alvin & the Chipmunks; sneaking into our rooms at night to make sure we were still breathing; homemade birthday cakes; choosing -ie because it is feminine in French; individual strands of tinsel placed just so; cleaning a rental beach house during a hurricane; belching; babying your granddogs; 12.57; that beautiful white and purple dress for 6th grade graduation; gifts evened out to the penny; vacuum cleaner cords; our biggest supporter and fan; most importantly, LOTS of love! (Me)

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