Today: Burp Cloths, Tomorrow: Matching Easter Outfits

I love to craft, as you know, but one of the skills that has alluded me (until now) was the ability to sew. The Rev bought me a small sewing machine for my b-day and I have been bookmarking all sorts of cute sewing projects just waiting to work up the nerve to give it a whirl.

I have a confession, I am such a creature of the known, with a huge fear of failure and the unknown ( I mean, my brother had to talk me into a hummus multi-pack last week because it had flavors I had never tried--its hummus for crying out loud!). So, I have really been putting off the learning, thinking I wouldn't be able to do it--I mean keep in mind that my Mom was an amazing seamstress and made pretty much all of our special occasion clothes when we were young. Heck I was the only kid on the block that had custom wedding and bridesmaid dresses for my Barbies! So when I had occasion to visit my Mom last weekend, I just put on my big girl pants, packed up my machine and asked her for a lesson.

Fortunately, with her patience and a great online tutorial for my little machine, I can now sew straight lines! Put the lines together and they make cute, little jazzed up burp cloths (the set in the picture, along with the wipes case are going to a baby-to-be whose Mom is a Giants fan--no telling her, Kiki, since I am sure you know who they are for!). I am going to make a few more sets and perfect the straight lines before moving onto more complicated things--my goal is to make a purse and a liner for my carrying basket. I'll keep you posted.

And, BestBuys, I guess you are safe until at least next Easter, but I'll be happy to whip us up matching outfits, a la our childhood days. Just say the word!


Kelly (Kiki) said...

nice work Stacie!! I promise not to tell my sis about your lovely gift. I'll send Scott's measurements for his easter outfit.

Shannon said...

wow! and those are a first for you? my first and last ended in an absolute disaster.. I'll probably be 80 before I try sewing on a machine again!