Better Late Than Never

So, Lil' Miss Wilkes and I tried soooo many times before the holidays to get together and exchange Christmas gifts, but we just couldn't make our schedules work (which really stinks because since we don't work together and have daily sing-a-thons anymore, I don't get to see her nearly enough!). Anyhoo...I wanted to show you a gift that I made for her, but couldn't...until now...we finally got together for dinner tonight, so here it is and it was so simple, even you could make one!

I "monogrammed" a no-sew fleece scarf and added a flower for a fun splash of color to brighten those dull, dreary winter days. You simply cut a scarf in your desired color, length, and width from fleece, add an initial, or flowers, or whatever you would like, using washable, fabric adhesive and you are done!

Now, need proof that we know each other so well? She got me a beautiful monogrammed scarf, in bright red, of course, since she loves to give me a hard time about my love of black clothing!

P.S. Visit Kimba for more great DIY projects!


Heather said...

Love it & now must do it! Thanks!
-Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.blogspot.com

debbi said...

love it...what a awesome idea. will deff have to give it a try. tfs