Happy Birthday, Best Buys!

So, today is my little brother's birthday and I had to give him his own post, since he kind of gets the short end of the stick with a birthday only 4 days before Christmas. We've always tried to make sure that he gets his own separate day--no presents wrapped in Christmas paper or cheesing out and giving him one gift for both holidays.

Though I don't get to see him as often as I'd like, I am grateful for the time together that we do have and of course, all of the memories....like him with a bandaged forehead (AGAIN!) and a pacifier in his mouth, or the time that he walked to the apartment complex laundromat in nothing but his socks, or swimming in his Dodgers shorts (while smoking his corn cob pipe) at a hotel pool in the mountains, or the time that he broke my finger with a #10 can of spaghetti sauce, or the time that he met me at the door after a week away to tell me that he made it the whole week without taking a bath, or the time that he left me to slide down a mud hill at Texas Stadium by myself, or the Christmas that he was in Okinawa and sent us some nasty dried fish jerky and convinced my Mom that it was taffy so that she would take a bite, or the day that he gave me away at my wedding, or the day that he got married and was so nervous that he couldn't eat his Shoney's breakfast...

Here is wishing you a Happy Birthday, Best Buys, with many more birthdays and memories to come!
We love you!

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retdairyqueen said...

Lucky Brother to have a sister that gives away all his secrets
Happy Birthday Stacies Brother