Wrap It Up, We'll Take It!

My love of magazines is no secret--I have several that I subscribe to faithfully and others that I can't pass up at the checkout. This holiday season, I received 3 in the mail that had Hallmark coupons good for $5 off of any $5 purchase and my wheels started turning, trying to figure out how I could end up with all of my Christmas gift wrapping needs and pay practically nothing for them.

**Insert flashback here**
Mom used to always take us to the store ( I think it was Target way back before Target was cool..) and make us buy the limit of notebook paper before the school year started, load it up in the car, and then send us back in the store to get more until she thought that we had enough for the whole year.
**End flashback**

Yep, you guessed it..the Rev and I made 3 trips between the 2 of us to make use of all $15 worth of coupons. We scored 4 rolls of gift wrap, 40 gift labels, those cute pom-pom bows and 10 ft. of ribbon all for only $8--a savings of $21 including the coupons and in-store specials!

Maybe Mom was on to something after all...

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