Tipsy Tuesday (#41)

I love baking and that always seems to pick up for me at this time of year. But, boy, it can be an expensive hobby. Save where you can...

Tip #41

Powdered milk can save you big bucks.

Now, don't make a face or turn up your nose. I wouldn't be able to get by the Rev if I offered him powdered milk to drink, but for recipes, you won't know the difference. Keep a box on hand and use it for recipes, sauces, and gravies. Taste and texture is exactly the same as the regular stuff. Save the more expensive stuff for drinking.


The Nester said...

Hey girl, my son is dying for your mini bugle ice cream cones, if you get a chance, can you email me what you stuffed inside them?


Happy Thanksgiving--and look at you giving out more cooking tips!

The Nester said...

Never mind! I just remembered that you posted it on your blog and I found it~thanks!